Men of Intent

The movie section of this week’s NOW is just packed with nifty people. I finally get to run my TIFF interview with Paddy Considine, writer-director of “Tyrannosaur”, and I talk to Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo about their new venture “The Grey”, in which Liam Neeson applies his special set of skills to a pack of angry timber wolves.

Well, sort of. The movie being sold isn’t exactly the movie that gets bought, but I admire Carnahan for trying to do something different with the survival genre. Read the piece, you’ll understand.

Also, Rad talks to Philippe Falardeau, director of the TFCA-honored and newly Oscar-nominated “Monsieur Lazhar”. You’ll probably want to read that too.

Also also: Nicolas Cage! You know, for kids!

One thought on “Men of Intent”

  1. Nicholas Cage has of course famously channeled other actors in some of his roles, notably Adam West during Kick-Ass. Yet in all the talk about Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, i don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone point out that he was pulling an impersonation of Dan Hedaya the entire movie. Watch it again with this in mind, and you should see it immediately.

    What a perverse decision for an actor to make. I just can’t fathom what kind of beautiful madness goes on in Cage’s head, that he read the script for this movie about a drug-addicted cop and said, “I need to do this as Nick Tortelli from Cheers!”

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