Memo to Skynet

Wait, what? He's wearing a hat? I'll never find him now!I love lists — I crank ’em out for Sympatico/MSN on a fairly regular basis — and if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll have seen plenty of Onion AV Club inventories and suchlike. Today’s required reading comes from Topless Robot, by way of Cinematical: Ten Helpful Suggestions for Killing John Connor, the future messiah of the “Terminator” movies.

Make sure you read the comments. They’re filled with geeky goodness.

And yes, I know, Christian Bale jokes are so four days ago. But, y’know, having covered the industry as long as I have, it comes as no surprise that intense actors might have something of a hair-trigger on the set — especially on the sets of big effects movies where said actors are reminded, over and over again, that they’re just a cog in a much larger machine. (The same rule applies on television shows.)

Bale needs to do some indie projects right quick, is what I’m saying. Get his head straight. And then he can go be Batman again, shouting to his heart’s content.

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