Mega Madness

On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, things get a little wild as actor-writer-director-producer Brea Grant, whom I’ve been hoping to get on the podcast for a while, tackles the whirligig foolishness of Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Joe Dante’s 1990 deconstruction-by-sledgehammer sequel to his 1984 blockbuster.

We get to talk about all the history Dante is sending up, our favourite monsters, sweat pants — it makes sense in context — and all sorts of other stuff. Join us!

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And if you haven’t caught up to Ben Blacker’s episode on the first one, it’s right here waiting for you.

Then you can check out today’s brand new NOW What, where Glenn talks to comics Elvira Kurt (legend) and Nour Hadidi (younger legend) about how they’ve managed the transition to virtual performance over the last year.

It’s a lively, insightful conversation,  because of course it is. Look who’s having it! It’s available on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or right at the bottom of Glenn’s 40 at 40 story on Elvira.


One thought on “Mega Madness”

  1. I didn’t see enough of the nominated movies to have an informed opinion, but only one of the things I was rooting for won: Two Distant Strangers. Really wanted Husavik and Maria Bakalova to win.

    One thing that struck me as odd during the Oscars was having Harrison Ford reference Blade Runner when introducing the award for editing, a movie which famously has numerous different edits, rather than Star Wars, which is said to have been saved in the editing room (ignoring Lucas’s later tinkering, of course). Kind of a weird choice.

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