Me, I’m Waiting for “The Shadow Returns”

I wonder if I should finally return the suit?Odd news of the day: Someone’s cooking up a new “Phantom” movie.

Given how huge superhero films were this year — and may yet still be, with “The Spirit” just ten days away — I guess it’s no surprise that producers are scrambling to snap up every remaining property.

I’m a little disappointed that the new film looks to be a contemporary update, which means that Billy Zane won’t be returning to the role he made so oddly endearing in Simon Wincer’s 1996 production.

There were a few things wrong with that movie, but Zane wasn’t one of them — he was blamed for the movie’s inconsistent tone in much the same way Alec Baldwin continues to take the fall for the failure of “The Shadow”. (But then, I’m of the opinion that “The Shadow” is not a failure at all; it’s exactly what it wants to be. Well, except for Penelope Ann Miller.)

Okay, so, there’ll be a new “Phantom” movie, probably starring Pacey from “Dawson’s Creek”. Or maybe he should save himself for the inevitable “Plastic Man” adapatation.

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