Master of Spices

We don’t get a lot of David Lynch on Someone Else’s Movie Rick Roberts picked Eraserhead and Kalina Bertin tackled Mulholland Dr., but that’s been it for a while.

UNTIL NOW. That’s because Erin Berry — whose second feature Majic just had its Canadian premiere at the Blood in the Snow festival in Toronto — stepped up for Dune, Lynch’s disastrously received 1984 adaptation of the Frank Herbert space epic, and I was all in, because Lynch’s Dune is both a compelling accomplishment and a spectacular misfire, and I could think of nothing better than to spend an hour figuring out which parts are which.

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One thought on “Master of Spices”

  1. Your guest calls himself a Dune fanatic yet spent an hour trashing every aspect of the movie top to bottom, hating David Lynch and everything he’s ever done, and generally not saying anything positive about anything (not even the book, really). I’m left puzzled by why he chose this movie and what he supposedly likes about Dune.

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