Making a Meal of It

1396967934000-chefI have no fewer than four interviews in this week’s NOW, because this is one of those weeks where everything lands on us in a clump and we have to scramble just to fit the release slate into the paper.

Oh, look, there’s indie stalwarts James Gray and Ingrid Veninger with The Immigrant and The Animal Project, respectively, and there’s Jon Favreau, newly reinvented as an indie auteur with Chef after a decade of big-budget studio work, and a Q&A with Edge of Tomorrow‘s Bill Paxton, who is one of those guys who is so good at interviews that I barely had to ask a single question, really.

I also take a look at the film component of the Luminato festival, which is basically A Weekend with Matthew Barney. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And if you’re looking for a podcast to pick up, may I suggest The Dew Over? It’s a thing where Jamie Dew rounds up a group of critics to rehash the Oscars of a given year and decide whether the best movie really won. I am suggesting this because the 1985 episode went up this week, and I’m on the panel, and I think it’s a good listen. There you go.

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