Make. It. Stop.

Your three o'clock is here ...So I’m sitting in the “Saw III” screening Saturday afternoon, running my tongue along my teeth — as you do — and I think, “Huh, that feels a little sensitive.” And I thought no more of it.

Cracked tooth. Infected nerve. By Tuesday afternoon I was gobbling Advil like M&Ms and regretting having gobbled actual M&Ms earlier in the week, since all those hard candy shells can’t possibly have been good for my poor, weakened enamel. (Damn Halloween and its seductive advertising materials.)

Anyway. I’m now gobbling Tylenol in addition to Advil, and popping three antibiotic horse pills a day in the hopes of clearing the infection long enough for my dentist to be able to assess the state of the tooth.

Next Wednesday.

How’s your week been?