Make Cinema Great Again

There are some very, very good movies opening today, almost all of them from unexpected quarters. And also another Fifty Shades movie. Haven’t seen that one. Might be great too. Who knows?

Below Her Mouth: Having trampled through the comedy, horror and thriller genres, April Mullen makes a drama about two women (Erika Linder and Natalie Krill) in love. Susan ain’t buying it.

Dancer: Glenn is all in on Steven Cantor’s Sergei Polunin documentary, which charts the story behind the Ukranian star’s shockingly brief career. 

Exit: Music: James Murdoch’s documentary illuminates the way in which the removal of Jewish musicians and composers from key artistic positions early in the rise of the Third Reich accidentally triggered an artistic exodus. Susan gives it the thumbs-up,

FIfty Shades Darker: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are tanned, rested and ready for another round. I’m really happy to see James Foley working in features again. Wish I wanted to see this one. UPDATE: Rad went.

John Wick Chapter 2: Keanu Reeves gives the performance of his career — no, I’m not kidding — as the dead-eyed murder man in Chad Stahelski’s delirious sequel. Also, that supporting cast is perfection.

Kiss and Cry: Sean Cisterna’s docudrama about the life of Carley Allison arrives packaged as a generic YA weeper, and I can understand why … but it’s much more than that, and Sarah Fisher is terrific. See it.

The Lego Batman Movie: Is Will Arnett the best Batman ever? Maybe not, but dear god is he having fun. And so is everyone else. And so will you. 

Paterson: After bouncing around the festival circuit for months (and winning Adam Driver a TFCA award for Best Actor), Jim Jarmusch’s delicate, perfect little character study finally opens in Toronto. It’s wonderful. Don’t miss it.

There, that’s everything. Or is it? Check back this afternoon, I’m full of surprises.

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