Magic Men

manganiello_0It may be a holiday weekend, and the biggest pictures are already out there, but I still have a lot to cover in this week’s NOW.

Like what? Well, I talk to Gregory Jacobs about the transition from producting Magic Mike to directing Magic Mike XXL, with a clumsily engineered cameo from Channing Tatum.

You’ll also find my Hot Docs chat with Alex Winter (yep: Bill S. Preston, esq) about his new documentary Deep Web, and my TIFF conversation with Maya Forbes about her deeply personal feature debut, Infinitely Polar Bear.

More? Jeez, fine. Here’s my movie advisory from the latest Hot Summer Guide, and a quick look at my Harbourfront Free Flicks series, because I am nothing if not a canny self-promoter.

… okay, yeah, I am nothing.

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