M. Rohmer Called, and He Wants His Ennui Back

That's right, baby, I'm dead inside and I love itMy latest Sympatico/MSN column is up, in which I use Chris Rock’s “I Think I Love My Wife” as a jumping-off point to ponder the tragic quest of comic actors for respectability through adaptations of established material.

(Not mentioned: My research has concluded it’s only a matter of time before Vincent Gallo tackles “The 400 Blows”.)

Also, and on a completely unrelated note: Berkeley Breathed revisits one of his smartest jokes about twenty years later, and discovers it’s still just as relevant in today’s America. Is that funny, or terribly sad?

Also also, I saw “Dead Silence”. So, um … is the creepy doll some Australian icon of which I’ve been previously unaware, or are James Wan and Leigh Whannell just colossal fraidy-cats?

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