Low Tide

No one expects very much from movies at the end of August, and that’s clearly reflected in this weekend’s release slate. But there are a couple of bright spots. Here we go:

All Saints: John Corbett plays a pastor who does a thing in the latest of Sony’s faith-friendly dramas. They didn’t screen it. I’m not surprised.

Birth of the Dragon: George Nolfi’s genrefied reimagining of the legendary San Francisco throwdown between a young Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man arrives in a new cut that improves somewhat upon the version that premiered at TIFF last year … but still not great.

Bushwick: Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow try to survive a paramilitary invasion of Brooklyn in this involving but ultimately underwhelming thriller.

The Only Living Boy in New York: Callum Turner plays a restless young man of privilege who finds himself sleeping with his father’s mistress and oh god oh man is this terrible. So terrible. If you see it on the street set it on fire.

Patti Cake$: Rad really liked Geremy Jasper’s Sundance hit, in which Danielle MacDonald plays an aspiring rapper chasing a dream of stardom. I’ll catch up to it after all these TIFF screenings, I promise.

The Space Between: A bunch of talented Canadian actors run around acting like idiots in this Amy Jo Johnson’s forced relationship dramedy. Except for Julia Sarah Stone, who doesn’t let the movie drag her down.

Sundowners: Pavan Moondi’s comedy about a pair of hapless wedding videographers fumbling around a Mexican resort finds its footing about half an hour in (oh hi there, Cara Gee) and becomes a modest delight. Plus, Tim Heidecker at his douchiest.

Wish Upon: Weeks after its US opening, the evil-genie movie comes to Canada. No press screening for this one either.

See? It’s not all bad. Mostly bad, sure, but not all bad. Have a good weekend!

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