Love Under Fire

You, uh, don't have a dragon tattoo, do you?My latest MSN Movies gallery is up, looking at the romantic thrillers that “Knight and Day” would very much like to be. It’s not, though. It’s quite terrible. Really, I can’t make that point often enough this week.

I left “Killers” off the list because (a) it’s terrible and (b) the whole mysterious-stranger-who-saves-the-girl thing doesn’t really apply, since the characters have been married for three years before the mystery kicks in. But I kept “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, for reasons you’ll discover when you read the piece.

Just sitting around today, wondering when all the G20 tensions I’ve been hearing about will explode into mob violence and/or police brutality. I’m hoping the media hysteria will dissolve once everyone realizes that we’re all Canadians here.

We don’t need to smash each other’s heads in; we can just sit down and discuss our differences over a bowl of poutine, like sensible folk. I’m sure Louis Riel would have been down for that, had he ever been to Caplansky’s …