Love Conquers All

With Valentine’s Day on everyone’s minds, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that “The Vow” ruled this weekend’s box-office, grossing $41.7 million while “Safe House” landed in second place with $39.3 million.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” took third with $27.6 million, beating out the week’s other 3D family entry, Lucasfilm’s reissue of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”, which placed fourth with $23 million.

A side note here: That’s $23 million worth of tickets sold to people who already know “The Phantom Menace” sucks. Like, for instance, the dozen or so adults who were at the Friday afternoon screening I attended in Toronto; there was no way these people didn’t know what they were in for.

Anyway, I’m sure George Lucas was expecting the movie to open at #1 and gross some impossible amount of money — it’s a “Star Wars” movie,  isn’t it? —  and will now have to content himself with doing Disney reissue business, which is hardly something to be upset about. But I’d bet you a coffee from Javva the Hutt — yes, that’s a real place — that he’s really sad today.

At least he has people to spin it for him. Which is part of a much bigger problem, of course, but we’re never going to fix that.

3 thoughts on “Love Conquers All”

  1. How well do you think a theatrical reissue of the actual original “Han shot first” etc. Star Wars would do? I get the impression Lucas’ ego would prevent that from ever happening, but still, a nerd can dream.

  2. @ Chris — I’d hope ANY theatrical release of the original “Star Wars” would do twice the box-office of “The Phantom Menace”, but as you say, Lucas would never let that happen. Remember when he was claiming all the original prints were destroyed in the process of making the ’97 Special Edition?

    @ Josh — The comments on this AV Club story are almost worth Lucas making such an idiotic statement:,69159/

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