Locked In

Family matters.

Hey, it’s the first Friday movie roundup of 2019! What’s happening, everybody?

Just a few films to get through, one of which I’ll be seeing this afternoon, so here we go:

Escape Room: No press screening, but not bad!

Take Point: Near-future Korean espionage thriller? Cool!

What Is Democracy?: Astra Taylor’s doc mulls it over.

Wildlife: Paul Dano’s debut, suddenly at Lightbox. [Glenn]

And that’s everything! Which is fine, because some of us are still having trouble getting back into the groove. Like Todd McFarlane, who dominates this week’s Superhero Nonsense column by being his usual fun self.

2 thoughts on “Locked In”

  1. Rather than the Saw franchise, how does Escape Room stand up against Cube (other than the obvious willingly signing up but with incomplete knowledge in Escape Room)?

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