Live Together, Die Alone

My MSN Movies feature this week — again, strangely not a gallery — rounds up a bunch of people-versus-nature thrillers as a tie-in to “The Grey”. You may want to read it, if only to see how I managed to squeeze “The Ruins” in there.

But the one thing you absolutely must do this weekend is listen to the latest episode of “Doug Loves Movies”. Doug Benson wrangled a spectacular lineup of guests for his podcast — Garry Marshall, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul F. Tompkins — and the resulting show is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life, as well as one of the most amazing. Who would have thought you could ever get these three personalities in front of one microphone? Certainly not their agents.

You can listen on the web player, download the episode from the show’s Feedburner page, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. And if you do start flipping through the archives, seek out the one that pairs Tompkins and John Lithgow, and the TIFF 2011 episode with directors Ben Wheatley (“Kill List”) and Gareth Evans (“The Raid”).

And anything with Edgar Wright, of course.

One thought on “Live Together, Die Alone”

  1. Coincidentally, I listened to that very podcast episode in the car yesterday. Three personalities, one microphone, indeed. 🙂

    My wife recommends the episode where Tompkins does the Cake Boss.

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