Live, from New York

Seriously? THIS is CNN?So here I am in New York, just kind of hanging out, doing a couple of work things, writing, trying not to let the sweat drip down my fingers onto the keyboard. You know how it is.

And my (forwarded) cell phone rings, and it’s a producer from CTV Newsnet asking me if I can do a quick hit about that “leaked” trailer for Oliver Stone’s upcoming “W” in, like, two hours.

I explain to them that I’m out of town, so they’d be better off getting somebody else.

“Oh, that’s fine,” she says. “We’ve got a reciprocal deal with CNN. Can you get to Ten Columbus Circle?”

I just happen to be staying at 6 Columbus Circle. CNN is literally across the street — which is great, because walking more than a block and a half will trigger every sweat gland in my body, leaving me utterly useless as a talking head unless I’m doing a promotional spot for VitaminWater.

I find the one summer-in-Manhattan shirt I have that can be worn on television. I shower, for the third time that day, and I cross 58th Street. And I go to CNN and talk about the trailer for Oliver Stone’s new movie.

Did I mention I really love my job?

2 thoughts on “Live, from New York”

  1. So what did you have to say about it? Seems strange to be interviewed for an opinion based on a trailer.

  2. It was indeed strange — I wouldn’t speculate on the movie, so all I could do was explain that this is the first stage of the film’s marketing push, and that trailers are often so different from the finished film that we shouldn’t take anything away from it beyond “hey, Oliver Stone’s making a movie about George W. Bush”.

    Oh, and I did mention that I was enjoying the spectacle of various right-wing barking heads forgetting all about their embrace of Stone after “World Trade Center” in order to tar and feather him as godless liberal scum for turning on their beloved leader before he’s even out of office.

    Consistency’s a bitch, you know?

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