Little, Big.

How did this not come to pass?My latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, playing compare-and-contrast with “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Wendy and Lucy”. Because there just aren’t enough people who’ve been told how wonderful “Wendy and Lucy” is.

And seriously: “Benjamin Button” gets a Criterion edition — though one produced and released by Paramount in a similar arrangement to the one Wes Anderson struck with Disney for his Criterion editions — but “Wendy and Lucy” doesn’t rate? What the hell, man?

2 thoughts on “Little, Big.”

  1. I feel you, man. I didn’t even realize Benjamin Button was a Criterion until it landed on my desk—they’re certainly not going out of their way to publicize it themselves.

  2. I don’t get what’s the big deal because one film is in the Criterion collection while another one isn’t. Criterion doesn’t make it their business to acquire only the best, least seen films. They have to make some money, too. For every Michael Bay film in their collection, there’s several hundred others to choose from.

    Plus, “Wendy and Lisa” is an even more cliched “Frozen River”.

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