Lisbeth Salander Would Like to Punch You in the Face

She can harm you a dozen different ways with the laptop in her bag. Thirteen, if she hits you with itMy latest MSN DVD column is up, in which I take a look at the curious allure and extreme unpleasantness of the literary and cinematic phenomenon that is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Basically, I love a good mystery as much as the next guy, but … well, ick. There’s some “Seven”-scale cruelty at work here that just turned me right off. Still, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, Alliance is releasing the film in a combo BD/DVD edition just days before “The Girl Who Played with Fire” hits theatres.

Even maladjusted, quasi-sociopathic hackers can appreciate a smart bit of multi-level marketing …

3 thoughts on “Lisbeth Salander Would Like to Punch You in the Face”

  1. Any thoughts on the casting rumours for the American adaptation?

    Noomi Rapace did a decent job as Lizbeth and many people who have seen her probably will have problems with anyone else in the role. I thought the essential oddness and disconnected quality of the character didn’t come through in her performance. At times, she just seemed really angry. Also, I think she was not quite there physically. While small, she’s actually quite muscular and looks like she’s been training in Muay Thai for the last five years.

    If Fincher remains attached, Zodiac suggests how he might approach the material.

    Also, any thoughts on yet another American remake – “Let Them In” ?

  2. I’m doing my best to ignore casting rumors on the “Dragon Tattoo” remake. They’ll probably go with an unknown, anyway.

    And I’m very curious to see what Matt Reeves does with “Let Me In” — “Cloverfield” succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and Chloe Grace Moritz was pretty high on the movie when I talked to her earlier this spring, so I’m in.

  3. Having a certain affection for Ginger Snaps, I think Emily Perkins might work for Lizbeth.

    The trailer is out for “Let Me In” and it appears to be faithful to the original. I was unenthusiatic until finding out that Matt Reeves is directing. Cloverfield only earned grudging admiration from me initially, but I’m now of the opinion it’s one of the best genre flicks of the last decade. So, if nothing else, I know he can handle CGI cats.

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