Let the Music Play

From the 'Pontypool' kit, but I don't think he'd mindNXNE may be over for another year, but its cinematic legacy lives on, with “Stones in Exile” hitting DVD this week and “This Movie is Broken” opening in Toronto tomorrow. Which is why this week’s issue of NOW finds me sitting down with Bruce McDonald, director of the Broken Social Scene movie — and of last year’s “Pontypool”, which you really should see if you haven’t caught up to it yet.

But it’s not all rock; I also talked to Jay and Mark Duplass, about their new comedy-drama “Cyrus”, also opening tomorrow. That conversation was much too wide-ranging to fit into a 500-word space, so you’ll definitely want to play the audio clips on that one.

Oh, and here’s my “Knight and Day” review, as promised. Please heed its warnings.

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