Let Me Out

Well, we can close the lid on another one. After five weeks of prep, eleven days of festivaling, some 65 features and 40-odd shorts, I am out the other side of TIFF 2017, with the awards roundup to prove it.

Honestly, I’m exhausted. And if you want to hear what I sounded like before I started to catch up on lost sleep, check out today’s episode of the CANADALAND podcast, recorded Friday afternoon. Jesse wanted to talk about TIFF. I’m really curious to hear what came out of my mouth.

Oh, and speaking of podcasts, I forgot to link to this last week, but I did another episode of Jeremy Lalonde’s delightful BLACK HOLE FILMS — this one on Steven Spielberg’s 1941, along with Chris Smets, Warren Sonoda and Marc Winegust. It’s a godawful movie but we had a really good time talking about it, and sometimes that’s enough.


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