Late August, Early September

Which reminds me, we're running low on Prince of DarknessAh, Friday. An insanely busy Friday, what with TIFF 2010 now less than two weeks away and my major deadlines earlier than ever. But there are movies, and there are reviews. Let’s take a look.

Flipped“: Hey, remember when Rob Reiner was a director of remarkable range and tenderness? I do, and that’s why this pleasant but featherweight attempt to reclaim his “Stand by Me” auteurship feels so thin on the ground.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)“: Technically, Tom Six’ gross-out cult classic-to-be doesn’t start its Toronto engagement until tomorrow, but I’m lumping it in with the rest of the reviews to make it easier on everybody. And by everybody, I include myself; this way, I can go with an image from one of the week’s other new releases, thus letting everyone keep their breakfast down. I’m thoughtful like that.

“The Last Exorcism”: Daniel Stamm’s faux documentary about a fraudulent exorcist who runs afoul of the real deal is being marketed with all the booga-booga you’d expect from an Eli Roth production. But Andrew says it delivers at least some of the goods.

“Life During Wartime”: More than a decade after “Happiness” made writer-director Todd Solondz’ dark-comedy bones, he revisits that movie’s characters — played by an entirely new cast — in this left-field sequel, which I’ve been trying to catch for nearly a year now. Susan was wowed, which makes me even more annoyed that I don’t have two hours to spare right now.

No Heart Feelings“: Full disclosure: I didn’t enjoy this charming little no-budget relationship dramedy entirely because two-thirds of it was shot within a hundred yards of my front door. But it certainly didn’t hurt. Let’s try that again: The fact that two-thirds of this charming little no-budget relationship dramedy was shot within a hundred yards of my front door isn’t the only reason I enjoyed it. But it certainly didn’t hurt. (Thanks, Kate!)

“Teenage Paparazzo”: “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier turns the camera on the shutterbugs — well, one of them, anyway — in this documentary about baby-faced shooter Austin Visschedyk. Glenn liked it well enough.

“The Tillman Story”: Amir Bar-Lev, who made the excellent “My Kid Could Paint That” a few years ago, looks at the death of U.S. Ranger Pat Tillman, whose death by friendly fire in Afghanistan was not only covered up by a morally bankrupt military, but used as a recruiting tool by Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. Until his family refused to play along, that is. Susan didn’t like it as much as I did, but she’ll come around someday.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to run off and see … I dunno, something at the Varsity, probably. Catch you later.

5 thoughts on “Late August, Early September”

  1. Speaking of TIFF, can I take a moment to vent?

    TIFF10 – worst poster ever?

    Website – a serious Cluster-Cuss of mess up.

    My Tiff List – wow, very cool with the pop ups and links. And the social network list sharing. I’d be more impressed if it had a scheduling tool, as it has in the past.

    OK, I’m done. Thanks for listening.

  2. @ Josh — I have learned to listen to Kate on these things. Also, I’m getting seriously punchy already.

    @ Nathan — I think they were aiming at the coveted demographic of hipsters who resent anything that looks professional or polished. Just the sort of people you want lining up for red-carpet galas, right?

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