Last Stands

There’s no print edition of NOW this week, thanks to our new summer strategy, and thanks to the way the review calendar shakes out it’s also one of those weeks where I don’t seem to be doing very much. But I am! I’m really quite busy! 

Blind: I would have reviewed this, but the distributor was actively preventing people from seeing it ahead of time. So we’re not bothering. C’est la guerre.

The Little Hours: Jeff Baena’s medieval delight — which lets a host of crack comic performers go to town on a tale from The Decameron — is one of the best surprises of the year. Try to see it knowing nothing more than that.

Mermaids: Ali Weinstein’s documentary about people who like swimming with prosthetic tails is pleasant but not especially deep. Susan felt much the same way when she caught it at Hot Docs earlier this spring.

Past Life: Nelly Tagar and Joy Rieger are Israeli sisters who dig into their father’s cloudy history in Avi Nesher’s latest, which Susan appreciated — to a point — when it played TIFF last year. 

War for the Planet of the Apes: Matt Reeves concludes the trilogy he rescued with Dawn in appropriately grandiose fashion, with an epic sensibility and a ferocious new adversary for Andy Serkis’ CG hero in Woody Harrelson’s bloodthirsty commander.  And Steve Zahn is amazing, but of course he’s always amazing.

The Women’s Balcony: Susan — who’s all over the Israeli-films-from-TIFF beat this week — is considerably more enthusiastic about Emil Ben Shimon’s drama about a Jewish congregation fractured by an accident. I liked this one too.

There, that’s everything. Have you seen Baby Driver yet? C’mon, it’s really good.

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  1. Do you think Academy rules will ever change to allow motion capture performances to be nominated? Or by the time they finally do, will it be called the Andy Serkis Memorial Award?

    1. I don’t think motion-capture performances are specifically excluded, I just think a lot of Academy members can’t understand what’s really going on. Fox has always pushed for Serkis in these films, though — and this one offers an outside chance for Steve Zahn to snag a Supporting Actor nomination. Let’s see what happens.

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