Last Call

And somehow, here we are at the end of another Harbourfront Free Flicks season. I don’t know how it happened. but it’s time to wrap things up with Dilip Mehta’s Cooking with Stella, a culture-clash comedy starring Don McKellar and Seema Biswas as two people from very different worlds who wind up bonding in a New Delhi kitchen.

Join me, won’t you? Come down for around 8:45 pm or so; there’ll be trivia and a short film and you’ll get to see what I look like after waking up at 5 am for a Metro Morning hit.

Oh, right, I’ll be on Metro Morning at around 6:40 am to discuss Hollywood’s disastrous summer and why Cineplex is trying to combat it with super-cheap ticket prices. If you missed it  — hopefully because you’re still asleep — here’s the link. Enjoy!

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