Ladies? Choice!

Heat Bullock McCarthyMonsters University stayed put atop the box-office pile for a second weekend, pulling in $46.1 million … but the real story is The Heat earning $40 million to take second place.

It’s the biggest opening ever for a Sandra Bullock movie — though Melissa McCarthy probably deserves a little credit there — which put the movie well ahead of World War Z, which placed third in its second weekend with $29.8 million, and White House Down, which opened in fourth with $25.7 million.

Now, World War Z can content itself with another number — $70.1 million, which is what the movie made internationally — while White House Down is facing a number that offers no consolation at all. That would be $30.5 million, the amount that Olympus Has Fallen grossed when it opened back in March.

In second place.

Behind The Croods.


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  1. I’m not up on “the Twitter” so I’ll leave my comment here. Surely that pic of Paul Ryan kissing a fish is meant to illustrate what sort of madness they think will surely follow after the Supreme Court decision. #Scaretacticsforidiots

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