Justice For Some, Parademons For Others

The studios have seen fit to drop a dozen movies on my pointy little head this week. I managed to review eight of them while also writing a shit-ton of other stuff. You’re welcome.

Bill Nye: Science Guy: Kids’ TV hero becomes culture warrior.

Blade of the Immortal: Takeshi Miike’s 100th movie kicks ass.

Considering Love and Other Magic: I have not seen this film.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond: Actor, acting, acts out. A lot.

Justice League: Wonder Woman and the Flash? Great!

Mudbound: A decent adaptation, if too faithful.

Paradise: Holocaust drama is artful, frustrating, slow.

Stegman is Dead: Thugs, cops, killers. And tentacle porn.

Thelma: Joachim Trier’s psychodrama ain’t so hot.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: McDonagh. McDormand. Rockwell. Harrelson. Wrenching. Brilliant.

The Star: Sony’s latest Christmas cartoon, with animals.

Wonder: Jacob Tremblay wears latex, inspires people. [Glenn]

There, that wasn’t so bad. Please forgive me, I’m very tired.

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