Just the Flu

I’ve often said that Steven Soderbergh’s failed pictures are more interesting than most directors’ successes. “Contagion” is not one of his failures, as you’ll see if you read this week’s MSN DVD column.

Oh, and in somewhat related news, don’t be freaked out by all the sniffly people on the subway. It’s frickin’ freezing out there.

3 thoughts on “Just the Flu”

  1. Don’t know if you’re into board games, but if you are…a question on a quiz I took recently on determining what type of gamer you are involved the sniffles. If your immediate thought is, “I hope this doesn’t start a pandemic,” you’re a Eurogamer. If you think, “I hope this isn’t the first stage of zombification,” you’re an Ameritrash gamer. It’s NEVER just because it’s cold outside!

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