Just a Reminder …

You can't outrun a movie this bad… if you’re in Canada, and you’re near a radio, tune into CBC Radio One this morning at 10:30am to catch my appearance on “Go!“, discussing the Worst Movies Ever with Adam Nayman and Jennie Punter. Musical interludes will be provided by the rockers men call Zeus.

Don’t worry about time zones; thanks to some special Corp magic that I can’t even begin to understand, the show airs at 10:30am wherever you are in the country. And if you’re not near a radio, you can stream it live here.

(If you’re reading this later in the morning, just wait until 10:30am PST and select one of the British Columbia feeds. Simple, eh?)

We’re not likely to spend too much time talking about the Oscars — this is more of a Razzies kind of show — but if you absolutely must have some Academy insight, I offered my quick picks yesterday in my NOW Daily column.

Okay, I’m heading down to the studio. I can count on your support, right?

4 thoughts on “Just a Reminder …”

  1. I haven’t seen Showgirls, but I kinda like The Wicker Man and Spice World. I would think the “killing me won’t bring back your goddamn honey” line would alone justify The Wicker Man’s existence.

  2. Avatar, DONE? Streep, DONE? I wouldn’t be too sure. I agree about the others.

    What, no predictions for Live Action Short Film? 😛

  3. Wow. I actually thought Spice World was self-aware enough to be quite a bit of fun. But, then, I also thought the same of the Spice Girls.

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