James Cameron Sinks His Own Boat

There's a guy over there who hasn't seen it yet, go talk to himAccording to industry estimates — and this Hollywood Reporter article — “Avatar” is set to break “Titanic’s” box-office record sometime today.

The 3D experience with the giant blue cat people will overtake “Titanic’s” global gross of $1.843 billion, and keep right on going.

Seriously, there’s no end in sight: It’s still dominating the charts in North America, having just logged its sixth straight week at number one.

The last movie to do that, by the way? “Titanic”. Has any other filmmaker ever been able to duplicate a blockbuster hit so perfectly? I mean, sure, Cameron’s an engineer, but this is ridiculous.

In other news, Jeff Bridges won another acting award for “Crazy Heart”, so that was nice.

2 thoughts on “James Cameron Sinks His Own Boat”

  1. hey norm.

    speaking of box office results, i was wondering if you know of any publication/website that keeps track of Toronto’s specific box office take week by week?


  2. You know, I don’t have the slightest idea where you’d find that. I’ve seen national figures for Canada, but the only time I see anything city-specific is when a distributor like Mongrel or Alliance sends out a release about high per-screen numbers for a film that’s only playing in Vancouver and Toronto.

    Anybody else know where to look?

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