It’s the NASCAR Scene, Isn’t It?

Give the people what they want -- in 3D!“The Final Destination” held the top box-office spot for a second week, easily trouncing the trio of newcomers with its $15.4 million gross. “Inglourious Basterds” was a close second with $15 million.

Seriously, though — what’s the appeal? I don’t remember the previous “Final Destination” sequels doing quite this well, fond as I am of Part Two. Is it the 3D that’s packing in the crowds? Is it the spectacle of a NASCAR crash flying right at you? Or just the promise of another string of elaborate Rube Goldbergian death traps?

Is it just that people want to end their summer with the total escapism of a horror movie? Because I could totally get that. A dead-teenager flick would go down a treat right now, as I’m in the middle of a pre-TIFF wave of documentaries and Latin American art films.

Pity no one’s figured out how to combine the disciplines, huh? Well, someone tried, but it didn’t quite take. Maybe it was the European disconnect.