If he can't have the moon, he'll take the weekendUniversal’s “Despicable Me” dominated the box office in 3D and otherwise, pulling in $60.1 million and leaving the “Twilight” threequel in the relative dust with $33.35 million — just ahead of “Predators”, which grossed a comparably weak $25.3 million to place third. After this and “Splice”, I’m starting to think Adrien Brody just can’t catch a break.

Now, I liked “Despicable Me” just fine, though the little yellow minion guys wore out their welcome pretty quickly. I have no illusions; the smash-hit status of the movie pretty much guarantees they’ll be front and center in the inevitable sequel. But honestly, I’d much rather hang out with Agnes as she takes her unicorn fixation to even more terrifying heights.

In other news, Swiss authorities have announced Roman Polanski will not be extradited to the U.S. over that unpleasant matter of being a fugitive from justice; he’s been released from his house arrest in Gstaad and will presumably make his way back to France, where his lawyers will argue that nearly ten months of public humiliation surely counts as time served in the state of California, and can’t we finally put all this behind us?

“The Ghost Writer” hits DVD on August 3rd, by the way.

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  1. The Swiss are saying that they didn’t get full disclosure of the court proceedings, which suggests they _asked_ for transcripts or rulings and _didn’t_ receive them. The people responsible for due diligence on the US side are going to have a lot to answer for…

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