It’s On, and I’m Off

The missing link between goth and hair metalHere we go: The 2009 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival is underway, and I’m scurrying out the door for the first day of interviews (Woody Harrelson! The other Philip Hoffman!) and screenings.

Susan had the lion’s share of work in this week’s edition, but I’m in there plenty, with about a dozen new capsules — I filed numbers 36 and 37 last night — as well as a piece on the music of TIFF and a related interview with “Suck” writer-director-star Rob Stefaniuk. I also had a Q&A with Udo Kier about his roles in a couple of TIFF movies, but apparently that hasn’t made it online yet.

I’d really rather just be listening to The Beatles in Mono all day, but I guess that’ll have to wait another week. But hey, at least I snagged one.