It’s Not Going to Stop

On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I’m joined by Brendan Gall, an actor turned writer-producer who’s the third point in the Aaron Abrams-Martin Gero triangle, collaborating with them as a writer and producer on The L.A. Complex, Blindspot, The Go-Getters and the brand-new action comedyThe Lovebirds, which he and Aaron wrote and which premieres on Netflix this Friday. (Hang tight, my review goes up in a few days.)

And Brendan is here to take a big swing: He picked Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, a movie that frequently leaves me speechless with its emotional intensity and technical virtuosity.

It’s a hell of a picture, as they used to say, and it made for a pretty great conversation. I only sputtered out a couple of times. (You’ll see.) Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get it immediately, or download the episode directly from the web.

And there’s another episode of NOW What in the world as well, this one about whether Ontarians can trust Doug Ford to get us through the pandemic. I am skeptical. Enzo is too, though he’s probably trying to be the bigger person here. Give it a listen, tell me what you think.

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