It’s Gallery Time!

Normal people don't do this with their faces, everSchedules being what they are, I’ve got a couple of Sympatico/MSN pieces to share with you today instead of just one.

First, there’s a look at bad movie marriages, to tie into the horrror of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ impending nuptials in “The Proposal”.

And with “Away We Go” slowly expanding across the country, here’s a gallery of other road movies that similarly do the whole emotional-journey thing.

See? I can totally be contextual!

… by the way, please don’t see “The Proposal”. It’s really awful. I’m actually begging you here.

5 thoughts on “It’s Gallery Time!”

  1. FYI, Norm, I think both your hyperlinks lead to the same Road Movies gallery, and so the marriage gallery is missing… Feel free to delete this comment, just pointing out an onsite technicality.

  2. @ Dom — nope, that was completely my own mistake in linking to the wrong piece. Thanks for the catch!

    @ cc — not a chance. It’s just a wan Kate Hudson impression, after all. (Oh, snap!)

  3. I sure wish my Tim Horton’s cups would give better spiritual advice than “please play again”.

  4. @ Chris – it’s a Buddhist thing, clearly. Also, he wins a donut, but for some reason he never claims it. Come to think of it, we never actually see him step inside a Tim’s, do we? He sure does drink a lot of Steam Whistle, though …

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