“It’s Father’s Day, Bedelia …”

... and I got my cakeShort post, due to ongoing post-flood reconstruction and other obligations, but my list of essential father-son movies is online at Sympatico/MSN today. Attack my choices as you will.

Thanks, incidentally, for the assistance offered earlier in the week; I appreciated all the comments, and found them pretty helpful in shaping my final draft.

Oh, and regarding those comments, and the argument over “True Lies” being a father-daughter movie and therefore ineligible for inclusion — yes, it absolutely is, and the confusion over its presence on the list is my own fault.

See, I’d planned to use “Target” and “True Lies” as a single selection, using the latter as a way of modifying the former — the idea being that Schwarzenegger is always cast as a father of girls, the better to use their vulnerability to undermine his burly, invulnerable persona. (Remember “Commando”? Eeesh.)

But it got too complicated for the piece, so I cut it out completely and filed it away for some future monograph on the evolution of the American action movie.

So, anyway … have you guys seen “Paprika” yet? Take your dad!

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