It Never Goes Away

In this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I welcome writer-director Kyle Armstrong — whose new film Hands That Bind just landed in theaters and on digital in the US and Canada — to discuss a film he can’t get out of his head: Lodge Kerrigan’s excruciating 2004 drama Keane, starring Damian Lewis as a man in a perpetual state of crisis.

And I know where Kyle is coming from: Keane has haunted me too, ever since I saw it nearly twenty years ago, both for Lewis’ layered, tormented performance and Kerrigan’s refusal to tell us exactly what’s going on inside the character’s head. It’s a masterful film, and the circumstances of its production are plenty interesting too; we get into all of that in the course of the episode. So you should listen to it — and then catch up to Kyle’s movie, to see if you can detect the echoes.

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