It Goes To Eleven

This week is going to kill me. Not only are we closing our TIFF preview issue today, but there are almost a dozen movies opening in town — which you can read about at NOW or in six-word summaries below.

The Bookshop: Woman opens bookshop, community leaders froth. [Glenn]

Breath: Simon Baker’s directorial debut! About surfing!

Crown and Anchor: Collision-course crime drama, very intense.

The Happytime Murders: This should have been way better.

Little Italy: Worst thing you’ll see this week.

Madeline’s Madeline: Best thing you’ll see this week.*

1945: Hungarian Holocaust drama about guilt, complicity.

Papillon: Hunnam and Malek remake 70s classic.

Support the Girls: Bujalski’s latest is rich and funny.

We The Animals: A boy’s life, rendered most artfully.

What Keeps You Alive: Survival thriller is short on plot. [fixed!]


*unless you go see 2001: A Space Odyssey in IMAX 70mm at the Cinesphere, in which case all bets are off

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