Isn’t That Nice?

Aw, man, I just bought three HD DVD players cheapIn case you haven’t heard: Universal has officially gone Blu. Starting July 22nd, with the release of “Doomsday”, the studio will be going day-and-date with all its major titles, and throwing in a number of catalogue titles as well. (The first wave will feature all three of the “Mummy” titles, in advance of the new instalment opening theatrically in August.)

If you’re still doing the HD DVD scavenging thing, though, hie thee to an HMV as quickly as you can, because they’ve just repriced all their Alliance titles to $6.99 or $8.99. That means “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Hot Fuzz”, “Lost in Translation”, “The Matador”, “Eastern Promises”, “Balls of Fury”, my beloved “Shaun of the Dead” and many more imported Universal and Genius Products discs. Dirt cheap.

Oh, and most of the store’s remaining HD DVD titles have been folded into the 2 for $30 sale. So until Paramount makes the announcement we all know is coming, those special editions of “Face/Off”, “The Warriors”, “Reds” and “The Untouchables” are looking pretty appealing right now.

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  1. FYI, The Warriors, Reds, and The Untouchables were already available on Blu-ray before Paramount went HD DVD exclusive.

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