In The Land of the Frost Giants

It’s so cold. And they keep making movies. Why? What is gained from going outside?

Brahms: The Boy II: Another boy! No, wait, same one.

The Call of the Wild: … um, the dog is digital now? [Rad]

Corpus Christi: Knockout Polish drama, finally playing here.

The Lodge: From the makers of Goodnight, Mommy. [Jose]

Ordinary Love: Neeson and Manville negotiate a crisis. [Glenn]

Space & Time: Breaking up, moving on. Or not.

Standing Up, Falling Down: Small movie, good performances. That’s nice!

I also wrote about the return of Better Call Saul, which is amazing, and the arrival Amazon’s Hunters, which is … not, but it might have potential. And elsewhere on the NOW site, I dug into an ongoing dispute between Cineplex and independent rep cinemas across Canada over what sure looks like a scheme to limit the programming options for smaller houses. More as it develops, hopefully.

Oh, and! This Sunday, I’m hosting another meeting of the Secret Movie Club — and it’s a hell of a picture, from a director who’s carved out a very distinctive niche in the last decade. I’m really happy we were able to get this one.

Want to know what it is? Come on down to the Lightbox! The breakfast spread is laid out at 9:30 am, and  the movie starts at 10:30 am. Tickets available here.

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