In Short

blart-2-560x560Friday movie roundup time! Busy finishing the Hot Docs supplement! Six-word reviews! Go! Go! Go!

Beyond the Reach: Michael Douglas hunts a dude! Meh. [Glenn]

The Dead Lands: Maori martial arts make serious impact. [Rad]

Desert Dancer: Rosewater plus Footloose equals pandering junk.

Dior & I: Fashion is hard! Buy our clothes! [Sabrina]

Monkey Kingdom: Tina Fey narrates generic animal documentary.

Paul Blart, Mall Cop II: Paul Blart goes to Vegas. Swell.

True Story: Jonah Hill. James Franco. Calculated bullshit.

Unfriended: Internet ghosts! Someone call Kiyoshi Kurosawa! [Rad}

Also, something called The Road Within is apparently playing in town. No idea. Just heard about it. Will investigate.

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