In Praise of Things That Are Really Other Things

Bubbles! My bubbles!Feeling experimental? Can’t wait for the Images festival to start up next month? Head over to the Revue Cinema tonight for a themed commission of short works on the nature of the villain in popular culture, why don’t you? I mean, if you think you might like that sort of thing.

Also of note today: The Onion AV Club adds Claire Denis’ “Beau Travail” to its New Cult Canon, and on a similar note, Cinematical shows a little love to Darren Aronofksy’s misunderstood gem “The Fountain”.

Maybe now that “The Wrestler” has redeemed Aronofsky among the cineastes, people will give that movie another chance and see what was really going on amidst all the conquistadoring and tree-sucking.

Yeah, you heard me.