In Love with the World

This week on Someone Else’s Movie, we get a little philosophical and a little existential, as director Jamie M. Dagg brings Ron Fricke’s globetrotting epic Baraka to the show.

It’s the first non-narrative feature in 149 episodes (which, neato) and Jamie’s willingness to explore what the film means to him, and how it affected him at a key point in his life, makes for a really engrossing conversation.

I know I say this a lot, but I’m really proud of what the podcast has become and the conversations it’s allowed me to have, and this episode is a pretty good example of why.

Listen for yourself! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Google Play or Stitcher, or get it straight from the source. And then you should see Jamie’s new movie Sweet Virginia, in theatres and on VOD right now in the US and coming to Canadian theatres and VOD next Friday. It’s really quite good.

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