In Character

In this week’s now, you’ll find my TIFF interviews with Spotlight director Tom McCarthy and co-star John Slattery and Kilo Two Bravo‘s Mark Stanley and Tug Hartley, as well as an extended web Q&A with Gregg Turkington, who puts a really interesting spin on his alter ego Neil Hamburger in Rick Alverson’s Entertainment.

I also take a look at the latest edition of the European Union Film Festival, because god knows there just aren’t enough film festivals going on right now.

And you’ll find this new thing we’re doing where we try to put a given film into a larger cinematic context. This week’s pick is the aforementioned Entertainment, so I use The Neil Hamburger Movie as a jumping-off point to explore character cinema.

Thumbsucker? Infodump? I have no idea what to call it, but I’m open to suggestions.

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