I’m Somewhere in the High Eighties, Myself

Really? We beat out 'The Master of Disguise'?From the cheery elves at the Onion AV Club comes word that Rotten Tomatoes has assembled its Worst of the Worst list, collecting the hundred worst-reviewed films of the past decade.

The AV Club’s angle, because they’re all participatory with the comment threads and stuff, was to ask their readers to list how many of the Bottom 100 they’d seen. As of early this morning, the average number was “maybe a handful”.

Those people are the lucky ones. Me, well … I’m just sitting here, realizing how much of my life I’ve wasted in the indulgence of Uwe Boll.

2 thoughts on “I’m Somewhere in the High Eighties, Myself”

  1. With these sort of lists, there are generally one or two unjustly maligned films that deserve critical reassessment. But with this one, there’s really nothing that stands out to me as not deserving its placement.

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