I’m Back! I’m Back!

Wait, you actually worked with John Hughes? What was THAT like?Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday — I was staring down a deadline and couldn’t think of anything I could blog quickly. (I mean, I’m disappointed to see the Republicans retake the House, but I’m assuming you’d just take that as read.)

Today, though, there’s plenty to post about. The new issue of NOW finds me talking to Todd Phillips, director of this week’s comedy contender “Due Date”, and taking a look at some of the programming in this year’s Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival.

I also do what I can do make people take note of the excellent documentary “Marwencol“, which opens at the Lightbox today and is really, really worth trekking down to King and John to see. I mean no disrespect to “The Father of My Children” or “Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields”, which are also opening at the Lightbox today … but “Marwencol” is one of the year’s best movies and should be prioritized as such. Oh, and you can catch “The Father of My Children” on Netflix, so that one’s less pressing.