“I’ll Do It On the Night”

'Like a drunk who's lost a bet'February is going out like a frozen lion here — the temperature this morning was -16, with a “feels like” factor of -26 — but I’m still braving the cold to trudge out to the Bloor Cinema for that Edgar Wright double-bill of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” I’ve been pimping all week.

And why not? Sure, I’ve got the HD DVDs of both films sitting downstairs, wondering why I never take them out to play, but how often do you get to see two of your favorite movies with an audience that loves them as much as you do?

I talked to Wright yesterday about the screening, and about his related Wright Stuff program, which will be running at the Bloor Sundays through April 12th; turns out he does this for the exact same reason.

Wait, that came out wrong. He doesn’t program screenings of his own films so he can see how much people love his movies — he programs screenings of other people’s cult films so he can experience them with an audience, rather than just watching them on HD DVD in his basement. Or, you know, whatever medium is to hand. (Hell, I still have “The Wanderers” on laserdisc.)

Anyway. See you at the Bloor. Brave the cold, it’ll be worth it.