If It Ain’t One Thing …

It's cold and airless outside the tubes… it’s a 15-hour DSL outage, returning your faithful correspondent to the horrible world of dial-up.

The bright side was that after two and a half years, I’ve finally figured out how to receive e-mail on my Treo — up till now I was only able to send, which sort of defeats the whole purpose of the thing — so I wasn’t totally at sea. And hey, it could have been worse — my home could have flooded or something.

The dark side was that I HAD NO FRACKING INTERNET ACCESS FOR FIFTEEN HOURS. That does very bad things to a man’s mind. It’s like that scene in “Event Horizon” where Sam Neill explains what that alternate dimension was like — you eventually have no choice but to go insane, because it’s comforting.

And you miss stuff when you’re offline — like, apparently, the high-def DVD format war kicking up a couple of notches in the wake of Blockbuster’s decision to go exclusively with Blu-ray in its rental expansion.

DVD File puts it all together nicely here, with individual studio reps commenting on the state of the war … and then Variety delivers what could be HD-DVD’s death blow in a rather elegant manner. Love the flourish about shoes dropping.

Anyway, it’s a deadline Thursday. Back to work …

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