I Know Too Much

You don't think he saw us, did you?Not because I didn’t like “The Hills Have Eyes II” — look, mutants killing idiots is all well and good, but as mutants-killing-idiots movies go, this ain’t a good one — but because I can write stuff like this for my gig as a Sympatico/MSN movie columnist.

Side note: They’re putting my name in the URL now. I am a frackin’ brand.

Side note to side note: Is anyone else totally stoked for the “BSG” season finale tomorrow night? My money’s on Gaeta being exposed as one of the Final Five — whether he was conscious of it or not, his subversive actions on New Caprica helped the fleet get back to the search for Earth, serving the greater Cylon purpose … since it certainly seems to me that using the human race as a bloodhound to seek out the Thirteenth Colony is crucial to their vaunted Plan.

See? I know too much.

176 thoughts on “I Know Too Much”

  1. Gaeta’s not a bad choice to be revealed as a Cylon, but come on – BSG without Starbuck won’t be anywhere near as kickass. As soon as Starbuck “died” I shouted “She better be a Cylon”. Callum Keith Rennie’s Cylon knew an awful lot about her family history – planted memories? – and Starbuck went back to Caprica to get the arrow that pointed them on their way to Earth. She figured out how to fly a Cylon fighter by interfacing with it. She painted the mandala, which may have been just a premonition of her death, but may have been implanted instructions to kill herself at that point to be reborn as a Cylon. And Starbuck being a Cylon will mess with Apollo’s head the way that Sharon being a Cylon has conflicted Helo’s character. If she’s not one of the final five, I’ve read someone else’s theory that the Cylons may have created a new model using the genetic material stolen from Kara when she was a prisoner in that fertility farm. If Katie Sackhoff has left the show to pursue a movie career (White Noise 2) I’ll be very disappointed. The fact that I care about any of this proves this show is WAY too addictive.

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