I Believe in Harvey Dent

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie is ostensibly about one film: The Dark Knight, which Tehranto director Faran Moradi saw at exactly the right point in his artistic development. But it’s also about every big-screen incarnation of Batman, using Christopher Nolan’s 2008 colossus as a lever into cinema’s various interpretations of the the comic-book character, and how Nolan’s reasonably realistic take on superhero storytelling has defined an entire genre for almost two decades now.

The podcast is not nearly as serious as its subject, though, so just jump right in! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher or wherever you find your podcasts, or download the episode directly from the web if you’re worried about the Joker slipping some weird malware into your RSS feed. (He totally wouldn’t know how to do that, of course. But he might know someone who does.)

And then, go catch up on your Shiny Things, because I covered a lot of ground last week, reviewing Warner’s 4K editions of Casablanca and Elf, Elevation’s Blu-rays of Moonage DaydreamMarcel, the Shell with Shoes On and Three Thousand Years of Longing and Arrow’s Gothic Fantastico and Count Yorga Collection boxed sets. And there’s more to come this week, because I am a damn machine  — and also because the legacy discs are really flowing in anticipation of holiday gift guides. Subscribe! You’ll see!

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