Hungry for a New Year

No, I haven’t abandoned the blog as a New Year’s resolution — sorry about that, I’ve been distracted with some post-holiday things. But everything is back on track for 2023, with some pretty nifty stuff coming up in the next few months if I do say so myself.

This week, though? This week you can enjoy an episode of Someone Else’s Movie in which The Friendship Game director Scooter Corkle celebrates Antonia Bird’s wackadoo cannibal picture Ravenous, a movie I’d been dearly hoping someone would bring to the podcast. You know, it’s that messy, funny horror-adjacent period piece where Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle spit blood at each other; I love it, and so does Scooter, and it was a lot of fun regurgitating our respective experiences of the film.

Wanna listen? Subscribe to the podcast on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher and/or Spotify, or grab it directly from the web and feast on its goodness. And then you should click on over to the latest editions of my Shiny Things newsletter, where I spent all of last week discussing the best discs of 2022 and kicked off this year raving about Star Trek: Prodigy, the first 10 episodes of which just rolled out in a very nice Paramount Blu-ray set. This weekend I’ll be tallying the year’s best films, so if you haven’t subscribed already maybe do that? You don’t want to miss out.

And speaking of the year’s best films, the Women Talking intros and Q&As continue down at the Lightbox. Tonight (Friday January 6th) I’ll be chatting with Sheila McCarthy, Michelle McLeod and Chris Donaldson after the 7:30 pm screening, and next Friday I’m assembling the art department — production designer Peter Cosco, art director Andrea Kristof and set decorator Friday Leigh Myers — for the post-screening conversation. (That one’s at 7 pm.)

Tickets are still available, and if you haven’t seen the film you really, really ought to come out. It’s a very different experience in a theater, and one of the best I’ve had in a very long while.

C’mon, it’s a new year. Start it off with something unforgettable.

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