How to Interview a Triceratops

Mel loved the Conchords not wisely, but too wellThe chance to talk to Kristen Schaal dropped out of nowhere. The week after “Toy Story 3” opened, Disney suddenly offered phoner opportunities with a bunch of the voice talent, and would I be interested in speaking to any of them?

I like Schaal’s work. She’s got terrific timing, and she has the unique ability to suggest torrents of crazy surging underneath a reasonably normal facade — if you’ve seen her in “Flight of the Conchords”, you know what I mean. She does the same thing for a split-second (with just her voice!) in “Toy Story 3”, when Trixie the Triceratops rushes to close an instant-messenger window; the moment speaks to a much bigger world we’ll never fully understand, and it gets a huge laugh.

Anyway, we talked about all kinds of stuff, including the difference between Pixar and DreamWorks and the recent media dust-up over Olivia Munn joining the cast of “The Daily Show”. It’s a short little Q&A, but like Schaal’s best stuff, she manages to get a lot across in a small window of time.

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  1. Saw the Conchords in concert here in Boston last year. Schaal opened for them with stand-up. (Of course, the band’s opening act would be stand-up comedy. You were expecting music or something?) She was damn funny.

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